BUG - Typing Attribute Model Name Changes Brand


I noticed a bug when adding attributes to a product listing if I add the Brand Name attribute then move on to the Model it changes the brand name as I type the Model number.

If it’s just me let me know but it happens on all my listings.



Any chance you could capture this on a short screen recording?

Also, what category do you have selected?

Of course see my giphy




:slightly_frowning_face: Cannot reproduce. I assume you are using GarageSale 8 and MacOS 10.15?


GarageSale 8.0.10 (1146)
Mac 10.15.2


I got the bug to appear a few time, although I cannot reproduce 100% reliable. I made a few changes to the code, hopefully for the better.

Can you please check if you can still trigger the bug with that version:


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I’m not seeing it so far :slight_smile: but will keep you updated in a day or so after some use.

Thank You!

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Yeh not spotted it so far today and its had plenty of use :slight_smile:

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