Bug [v7.0 (771)]: Inventory description window & fonts

After changing the font/size/color choices for text in the Inventory description box (by selecting all and then using the Fonts and Colors windows), clicking in the description box and typing more (even between two characters that already exist in “my” font choice) causes the new text to appear in the default text/color (Helvetica/12/black) rather than the font/size/color surrounding it.

In the example pictured, I selected all the text, changed it to a web-safe green, size 18 Gill Sans font. Then, I clicked in between the “u” and “r” in “pictures” and typed “example text.”

This also happens when selecting a section of text and typing to replace it.

[If it helps in debugging, when selecting text, the Fonts & Colors windows highlight the Gill Sans/18/green options. When simply clicking somewhere in order to bring up the blinking cursor, the Fonts & Colors windows highlight the Helvetica/12/black options.]

Sorry, the formatting of your inventory item description is not carried over into the listing description. Therefore, it is not saved - thus the default font settings are reset.

If you want to use custom format here, you need to use HTML markup.

Oh, I wasn’t transferring anything to a listing. This was entirely on the inventory screen. Regardless of what font I changed existing text into, typing new text went back to the default Helvetica/12/black.

I think you are missing a crucial point. The only way to include your inventory item’s description in a listing is though the {{item.inventoryProductDescription}} command. This command does not cary over your formatting from the inventory screen, it will only cary over plain text.

Therefore it is pointless to apply any formatting at all to the inventory item’s description. We discussed turning of the ability to format the description in the inventory screen all together, but decided against it, because change the font size might help people with impaired vision.

Sorry about the confusion–I already knew that an Inventory description field’s formatting didn’t carry over into the Listings, having read a post by someone who’d inquired about that–actually, I wanted to change the inventory font and size because the default is so difficult to read with my level of eyesight (size 12’s way too small, and Helvetica is too horizontally narrow for me). Unfortunately, as I posted before, changing the text already in the Inventory description box does nothing for text that’s entered after the change–it just defaults back to Helvetica-12, so it’s very difficult for me to see what I’m typing.

Ok, now I got it. I’ll create a ticket to remind us to make your font selection for the inventory field sticky.

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When I … never mind. I read the beginning and now I know.