Bug when bulk editing listings

since some days (probably since I downloaded the 7.0.5 beta version) I am having troubles if I want to edit in advance inspector a bulk of listings. When I select a group of listings and click on advance (middle button in inspector) GS does not show at all the advance page. I made a video to show you what I mean.
I hope you could fix it soon since I am use to edit the relist feature in bulk, but if I cannot display the advance page in inspector I cannot do this in bulk but only one by one…

Hope to hear soon from you

Video on dropbox

It’s happening to me too sometimes, but I haven’t been able to identify why it happens sometimes but not other times. I was hoping I could figure that out before reporting it but I’ve been too busy! I agree it started after the last beta download.

Hello @etb222,
thank you for confirming it!
You are perfectly right and maybe I found where the problem is from!!! This issue appears only with newly created listings (after I install the beta version), while if I select a bulk of “old” created listing (before beta version) it works without problem and I can switch to advance tab without problem.
Besides I noticed this:

  • if I select only one listing, I can switch between option>advance>properties without any problem, with old and new listing;
  • if I select a bulk of listings while inspector is displaying advance tab, I can adjust any info and it works (with old and new listings)
  • if I select a bulk of listings while inspector is not displaying advance tab, I cannot display advance but only option and properties (only with new listings, it works with old=created before beta was installed)

Hope this helps

Ok, thanks for the tips!

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