Bug when deleting and inserting two times a tracking code

I found a new bug in order section. Try to:

  1. add a tracking code into one order and selected the courier (order is automatically marked as shipped)
  2. deleted the tracking. GS will say something like “do you want to delete the tracking and maintain the order as shipped”, press yes
  3. Then, select another order and write the same tracking that you have just deleted from the other order

In infinite loop of pop up windows will appear, the only way to shut down is force quit.
I hope you could experience and fix it, let me know if you need other info.

Thank you

Thanks for reporting. I’ll look into this later today.

Welcome @ilja as always. Just let me know if you can reproduce it, because in order to reproduce it here, it means I insert a tracking in the wrong order and that’s not good for customers…

I cannot get his warning to appear. Can you make a screen shot, so I search by the exact wording where that message is coming from in the code.

Fortunately I did one!

15 (2)

As said, I had to force quit. It was a loop, click ok and reappear immediately…

It seems the error message from your screenshot is coming directly from eBay, so it’s not in the code.

Was the warning you saw before this one:

“Segnando l’oggetto come non spedito, il codice di spedizione verrà eliminato. Sei sicuro di voler continuare?”

Uhm I remember there was another message before the one of the loop, but I honestly don’t remember exactly what it said. Probably that’s correct… does it make sense?

Ah wait, I just realized an important thing (maybe). The first order in which I copied the tracking and then deleted was not paid yet. Might it be useful?

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