Bug: Why is 7.0.6 verifying listings when I simply select them?

I manage on the order of 5000 listings in GS. Since updating to 7.0.6, whenever I start manually editing and re-listing those, my CPU use (160% or more on a 4-core Mac Mini) and the fan is running constantly. A glance at the new Activity window shows me that every time I select even a completed listing in the viewer, that listing is verified on eBay. When I select a folder filled with 435 listings, then all 435 are verified one at a time, even if I am selecting them to move them to a new folder!

This is a problem. The event being sent to these objects is clearly defined incorrectly, and it makes 7.0.6 unusable for me.

Add to this the “won’t quit until completed” bad UX decision, and now whenever I have selected anything at all, I cannot use my computer productively for a very long time.

As a further insult, I just selected 345 listings so I could sort them. They were verified (four at a time) when I selected them all, and then they were verified again immediately after I sorted them.

Your API calls are going to be through the roof, folks!

I’ve confirmed and replicated this several times now:

  1. Wait (forever) until the Activity Window is empty
  2. select 500 completed listings
  3. Verifying beings on each one, one at a time (as displayed in Activity Viewer)
  4. wait until activity window is empty again
  5. Sort by price in preview mode (just the selected completed listings)
  6. all verifications begin again

When deselecting the listings (still completed), the queued verifications are still pending!

Hangs (with no changes in Activity Window) when I then select “Start…” to duplicate and trash the completed listing(s)

@Vaguery I am talking about memory/CPU leaks from weeks, just read some past thread to have an idea…

The last versions fixed the memory leak, however GS ALWAYS leaks an enormous % of CPU, also if I am doing practically nothing

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