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Just a few things that I’ve noticed that could be improved after using GarageSale for a few years, but most actively in the past year. Some of these are from release version, I’m currently using beta 3 and they may have been fixed already.

  • I prefer MarkDown for editing descriptions and sometimes the dropdown will switch on it’s own from “using MarkDown” to “Don’t Convert” or “Using styled text” - sometimes when I’m applying a different design to an existing (and active) listing.

  • Sometimes when I switch back to “using MarkDown”, there’s still styling in the markdown view. Maybe this has been fixed in betas.

  • Text Snippets don’t seem to work for MarkDown. I haven’t checked if this has changed in the betas, and I could see how both styled/HTML/markdown in snippets would be hard to maintain.

  • Internal image editor is really, really nice to have but could be improved by defaulting to “Zoom to window size” instead of 25%. Right now, only step sizes of 25%/50%/75%… means either too small or too large.

  • A nice power-user feature would be a way to open a text-only view of a listing, with all attributes displayed in structured form like XML or JSON so one could quickly copy/paste whole sets of attributes between listings, or select two and display a diff between them. I know it’s sort of do-able via AppleScript but there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way to produce XML or JSON.

I guess what happened is that you clicked into the item description text in Preview mode. If not disabled in the past a message appears telling you that your item description needs to be converted to HTML code if you edit it in Preview mode.
(You maybe checked the “Don’t show again” checkbox in the past. To make it re-appear click the “Show all warnings” button in the GarageSale preferences > General).
So, if you make use of markdown code you better only edit your item description in Editor mode - not in Preview mode.

I just tried it here and it seems to work as expected. It’s even possible to style the text snippet using markdown.
Can you describe more specific what is not working for you?
Please note: To see how the inserted text snippets look expanded, press the control and the alt keys on your keyboard simultaneously in GarageSale’s Preview mode.

Regards, Kristian

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