Bulk change Attributes does not work

It looks like something changes in my garagesale. Its probably prompted by ebay.
I sell Comics. Im getting a RED caution on my auctions and its for " Please add Item attribute for publisher" All my comics are by the same publisher so I should be able to select them all or just select the folder they are in and change them all at once but Its not. I can only change them individually.

I believe, so far something like this can only be done by creating and running a special Apple Script, sorry.

Regards, Kristian

Oh no ! Really? This is going to be a productivity killer. I have over 2500 marvel comic listings that I list on a regular basis. So I have to go in to them each individually and change them? Please someone save me with some apple script! I dont understand why this wouldnt be something that could be bulk changed just like anything else that needs to be blanketed over multiple auctions like price and shipping. Especially since now for what ever reason ebay is making it a requirement in order to run the auction. Please include this in a future update.

What you can already do is to copy the complete item specific setup from one listing and paste it to another listing. (By using the “Copying and Pasting Listing Components” feature.)
However, by doing this you can only copy/paste all item specifics - not just a specifc, single one.

More info about this feature:
(scroll down to the “Copying and Pasting Listing Components” section.)

Regards, Kristian

If I have to change a bunch of the same attributes, this is what I do:

Select the listings or folder in the left hand pane

Reselect the exact ones in the center pain (shift click or option click to select multiples)

Click ATTRIBUTES in right hand inspector, set attribute…

That usually works for me. I usually do stuff like that in batches so I’m not trying to change 1000 at a time….

Here is what I have to do for each auction at a minimum.

This is what happens when I select a folder of auctions or if I select several auctions. Only the first auction out of all of them has the changed attributes.

In overview mode you have to select all listing you want to edit.
Please see this help section:

My god! Thank you so much. I didnt realize I needed to grab them on the left and then also on the right for this to work. This is a huge time saver!!

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