Bulk Edit hangs

Tried to perform a bulk edit/replace on 15 items (title only). GS hangs.

Image and Spin dump attached.

Spindump.txt (2.6 MB)

Tried the same search with the copy of your database I have. I took 20 seconds on the first run.

From the “Sample” it looks as if your Mac is busy swapping in memory from/to disk. Could it be that your are constantly low on RAM? Or maybe your disk is going bad and requires several passes before it is able to read data? :thinking:

Does your Mac have an SSD, a traditional hard disk, or a combination of both (Fusion Disk in Apple speech) ?

Thanks for checking, Ilya

Since I ran the ‘Find Orphaned Listings’, removed the 12,000+ items that it found and placed in the deleted folder, it took less than 20 secs for me also.

Maybe, just maybe, I have found the database problem.


I’m not convinced that it has something to do with your database. After all I’m using the copy you sent me a few weeks back without having run any clean up operations at all. Maybe your usage patterns eats up all free RAM, until your Mac needs to swap out application memory to disk, which slows down searching?

Time to get more RAM.

My iMac has maxed RAM at 32 GB. I always try to fill all slots and max it with biggest chips if I can afford it. Only a few slow spots mainly when rebuilding categories and then only once in a long time when I try to open a listing. Maybe 3-5 seconds long wait.


Just curious… Can you post a Screen Shot of your “About This Mac” window?? And maybe also the Storage pane?

Or the Memory pane of the Activity Monitor app?

Mine are below…


I have 2 of the exact same late 2015 iMac’s. Both fusion hard drives went out exactly 4 years after I put them in service.

Ok, maybe it is the amount of RAM and swapping causing the issues as well.

I have ordered more RAM

I would recommend you stick 64 in there and max it out. no way 8 was enough. Then you know that your computer is built to the max and it is not your machine underperforming.

As my computer is running is slowly adds more and more to the memory used but I still don’t get hangs and spinning ball issues or some of the stuff you are reporting. After you put in the new RAM your issues may still plague for some time until your computer “learns” how to use the new RAM and over time they go away. At least it happened in my computer in the past. I thought RAM was magic but it took time to slowly work out glitches. With 32 GB I have almost all my programming open and 2 browsers running constantly. My iMac uses a ton of the RAM on Safari and Firefox.


Ah, yes… I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much difference it will make after upgrading from 8GB to 32GB of RAM!!

PLEASE let us know how it goes…



Thanks for your replies.

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