Bulk edit item specifics

Is there a way to bulk edit “item specifics”?17%20PM

I want to add the classical genre to my new 700 listings. can I do it in bulk or do i have to go back and do them 1 by 1?

If you select multiple listings it should work to bulk-edit the item specifics, yes.
Please see the help here how to correctly bulk-edit:

Another way is to use the “Copy/Paste Listing Components” feature. (see the link above)

Also, you might want to check the category of the selected listings first. The item specifics differ from category to category so all your selected listing should have the same category selected.

Regards, Kristian

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Back when eBay started requiring item specifics for many categories I had a whole bunch of previous made templates that kept generating errors for missing specifics.

I do not use item specifics unless forced to do so as I think they are a utter waste of time.

When forced to use item specifics I use generic terms like N/A (not applicable) and Does not Apply whenever possible.

I didn’t want to insert these manually into each template.

I determined that in most cases these errors were being generated by a missing Brand Name and MPN. These appear to be the most commonly required item specifics among the different categories.

I created a Applescript to change my existing templates so they would not generate an error.

This script inserts a generic value for the Brand and MPN.

I now rarely have to insert any further item specifics as those two seem to satisfy eBay’s minimum requirements in most cases.

tell application "GarageSale 7"
	repeat with theListing in (get selected ebay listings)
		tell theListing
			set theSpecific to add item specific specific name "Brand" values {"Unbranded"}
			set theSpecific to add item specific specific name "MPN" values {"Does Not Apply"}
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

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