Bulk Edit & Replace

Hi Guys

Not sure this is working correctly in V 8.3.5b1 (1272)

In the following example, I

  1. Have a single item

  2. Create 20 copies of the item

  3. Perform a search and replace in this group only

  4. Find that only 10 items have been changed.

I think I have seen this in the past but just assumed it was some hidden character giving me issues.


I just tried it here but for me it worked like a charm.

Just an idea:
In the Bulk&Replace window you have “Search current selection” selected at the top. Maybe you only have 10 listing selected in GarageSale left outline view? “Search Results” says “10 hits”.
What happens if you switch to “Search entire library” ans also enabled “Exact search”?

Regards, Kristian


Thanks Kristian
Maybe I did something like that with our realising it. Ignore this post, I think.


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