Bulk listing let my fritzbox router crashing

in years of GS uses, this is surely the strangest bug I ever ever met. It happened several times and I could reproduce the entire problem, but I waited before reporting in the forum until I was 110% sure it was caused by GS.
In few words, when I bulk start many listings, my fritzbox router literally crashes. It restart and internet connections is stopped. In the event of fritzbox I find always the same ones:

  • An error report has been sent
  • The system time was updated by the time server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.
  • The Internet connection has been established. IP Address: x.xx.xx.x, DNS Server: xx.xx.xx.xxx and xx.xx.xx.xxx, Gateway: x.xx.xx.x, Broadband PoP: MIBNG035
  • 5 GHz band not usable for 1 min on selected channel xxx-xxx (frequency 5.500-5.560 GHz) due to privileged user verification (e.g. radar).
  • PPPoE error: timeout.

The first one is the most recent one, so the timeout is when GS’ connections while listing let my router crash. This only happens if using the fritzbox (which uses a Vodafone fiber). If I use hotspot with my phone or if I use Vodafone station, it doesn’t happen. Somehow, recent updates on GS and fritzbox have problems together. I basically cannot list. When I do it, internet connection blocks.

This is something not easy at all to explain to AVM service! And this is surely not easy to explain to GS service too I guess! But I start from here: is there anyone here who can give me any wise idea on what might going on?

Thank you


as long as you do not use FTPS for uploading the images (which uses an external, quite popular library) we only use the standard Apple libraries to connect to the most standard internet protocol today (https). So I doubt that this has anything todo with GarageSale.

And even if GarageSale would try to do really strange things your router should not crash. So I would contact your ISP or the manufacturer of the router.


Hi Paul,
you just solved my problem! I spend entire days thinking about what changed, but I only realized now that I recently switched from EPS to GS image hosting in order to enlarge images when you move mouse over them. Only if I select GS image hosting in preference images are enlarged when you move mouse over them. HS hosting is the bug! Just changed back to EPS and over 700 listings started without crashing the router. I don’t know what, but there must be something bugged with it.
Thanks for your help.


As I said before, we use the standard libraries from Apple that does the network communication for us. So there is something definitely wrong with your router. It may be that GarageSale ads some non-standard headers or sends a larger body/image data than the router likes but that should definitely not lead to a crash of the router.

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