Calculated shipping weight and dimensions

I usually ship flat rate. Today I tried to list a lot of tablecloths with calculated shipping. I tried making a new shipping profile on the eBay site and I have looked under domestic and international and I can find no place to weight and package dimensions. Of course I am not able to list this without this information

I think I just replied to your request in our support system.

However, in this post it sounds you’re referring to the eBay website, not to GarageSale?

I am not sure if you can add a package weight to a shipping profile… :thinking:

However, if I am not mistaken, you can add the package info to the shipping options in GarageSale even if a shipping profile is selected.

Regards, Kristian

I am also very confused where one is supposed to enter the weight of an item. I use ebay shipping profiles since they are required. Where is the area in GarageSale that you can enter the weight of an item?

To add more details to my issue: I have tried to not use the eBay profiles for payment/shipping/returns. When I do that, I get the error that my ebay site doesn’t support table rate shipping [it does - i’m in the US]. The shipping profile i’m trying to emulate in Garage Sale is one that offers either Media Mail for free and Priority Mail for an additional cost, or First Class for free, and PM for a cost. The issue is that the only way to tell eBay the weight of the item is to not use the eBay shipping/returns/payment profiles.

Since I have a fairly complex shipping table [each USPS zone gets a different charge for Priority Mail, since shipping from my location to the east coast can cost nearly double; i don’t want people who live closer to us to pay the same rate that someone on the west coast has to pay, so I use a table rate shipping on ebay based on USPS Zones and the costs for a 1 pound PM item to be shipped.

So I use GS’ shipping system like this screen shot shows:

When I do that, I get the error message that the preflight window on the right shows:

The preflight window on the left shows up when I try to simply use the eBay shipping/returns/payment profile. And that makes sense to me, since there is no where to put the weight in GS unless you don’t use an ebay shipping profile.

So I’d like to know how to use GS to input the weight of an item when listing it, or how to fix the “Invalid rate table details type. The shipping rate table is not applicable for this site.” error message.

Thanks very much!

Are you sure they are already required? I believe eBay just sends you warning nagging you to use them.

In the first screenshot of your latest post, click the “Package/Thick Envelope” label to open the package info screen.

The shipping profiles are required if using return policies and payment policies.

The first screen shot only applies when not using the profiles. So, yes, I can and do try to use the weight there, but when I do, I get the error message on my last screenshot on the right - “The shipping rate table is not applicable for this site”.

I’m in the US, and it does in fact use shipping tables, as I can create a listing using one via the ebay site.

Nevertheless, have you tried listing with the “Use shipping rate table” box unchecked?

I have. Or at least I had when I was trying this before. Sigh. That’s when I received an error that was not like the above 2 I screen shotted. But I just tried again, multiple times on multiple listings, and the changes applied perfectly, honoring the settings in Calculated shipping section of GS.

Thank you very much for the help! Hopefully this feature won’t error on me again. :slight_smile:

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