Calendar events for favorites does not appear in OS Mac Calendar

Hi there.
I used to create calendar events using the GarageBuy feature to have another notification over my eBay biddings.
This was not an automatic operation : each time I was new items, I should resynchronize GarageBuy with my eBay account for calendars appeared that warned me of the end of each auction.
And what was the way to synchronize calendar GarageBuy with mac ? Clicking the button event creation for all favorites to disappear , and re- click to appear again with new items followed (very unintuitive , right? ) .
Now the problem is worse : with all OS and GarageBuy date , no calendar synchronization between Mac and GarageBuy and it is impossible calendars are created. Even after clicking GarageBuy see my articles , the application is closed .
Anybody see any solution?
Thanks in advance.

It sounds like a bug report for GarageBuy on iOS. If so, what version of iOS are you usingz?

Hi, Ilja.
I’m not using any GarageBuy app for iOS. I only use GB in OS Mac.

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