California Prop 65 Item

On August 30, 2018, California will require certain sellers to display a Proposition 65 warning on online retail sites if products contain chemicals and/or substances that may impact the health of California buyers.

Full text here:

It would be helpful for us to have this included in the software when you have a moment.

My personal warning reads: “Every item we sell, every thought we muse, and every word we utter, is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.”

I believe this complies with their law…

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I guess it’s a good idea to use the “Text Snippets” feature for that:

Regards, Kristian


Thank you for the reply.

The text snippets are great for the contents but what I’m speaking of is an actual category in the “Item Specifics” section. Here is an example of how they Ebay is implementing the change:

Since those of us in America are going to have to deal with this absurdity in California law, the option would be helpful to us.

Thanks again,

Are you talking about the contents of the “Condition” field?

Using text snippets is not a good idea for our business, because only some of the items we sell need the warning.

I have tried updating the Prop 65 warning in the attributes section of Garage Sale.

However, the live listing is not showing the warning:!68507!US!-1

  1. This item specific “California Prop 65 Warning” is a suggested specific provided by eBay, right?
    Your request is to make the value (text) of that specific to be pre-filled in your listings, did I get this correctly?
    What you could do is to create a “master” listing that uses your default value/text. However, I guess this only works if you use the same category in your listings.

  2. It’s very odd that this item specific isn’t visible on the eBay website. Could it be that it is only shown for buyers living in California?
    However, mabye your text is just too long and eBay skips it? It’s worth a try to enter one single word (only for test purposes) to check whether this is shown on the eBay website.

Regards, Kristian


I actually was unable to locate the Prop 65 menu item in the Attributes category until just now but I do not understand why it’s no longer visible in the listing. It was visible when I first posted my question but is missing now although it’s still active in the editing section on Ebay’s Website.

It may indeed be visible to California buyers only, I’ll have to check on that…


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