Can a single listing connect to more than one inventory item w/out Variations?

Is there a way to link multiple inventory items to a single listing (aside from the “variations” method, which doesn’t work with most categories on eBay)? Maybe something like a callout to item.inventoryProductDescription.firstSKU, item.inventoryProductDescription.secondSKU, and item.inventoryProductDescription.thirdSKU?

Sorry, a listing can only be linked to a single inventory item at the moment?

Are you selling bundles/kits consisting of severals SKUs?

Sort of. I combine multiple items into one listing in order to either a) give a discount to buyers (for example, say I have three books that, listed individually, I’d want to get $10 each for; but, as a single listing for all three combined, I’d be willing to sell them for $25 total–as a way of giving buyers a discount for buying more than one thing), or b) use up fewer of my 50 free listings each month.