Can anybody recommend an inexpensive laptop to run garage sale?

In the market for a cheap laptop I can use for work. What would u recommend to use to work with the latest version of garage sale?

I would suggest not a laptop, but it mainly depends on what you need to do. If you need to manage a large number of listings and in particular if you need to use auto-cancel feature, avoid laptops and opt for a M1 Mac mini (around 900€ new with 500GB SSD) and leave it always on. But it also depends on what you mean with “cheap”. You can also buy an older MacBook Pro. I work with a mid 2015 MacBook Pro and it is quite fast, but I only use it for creating drafts and managing orders, not for managing active listings.

Laptops are overpriced, efficient, and slow compared to desktops.

They have limited battery life.

Any initial money you think you might save by buying something “cheap” will end up costing you much more in the end as it was cause you to waste a great deal of your time - your most valuable laptop.

I use a older Mac Pro aluminum case with two 24" monitors. There are four hard drives installed - one for the OS and apps, two for document storage, a one for automatic backups of the OS. I make further backups to external hard drives using drive dock. There are multiple scanners, printers and other devices connected.

You are going to end up with thousands of images and you don’t want to store them on the same hard drive as your OS as it will cause it to run like a snail. As items are sold I export from GS and archived them on a external hard drive to maintain space.

I’ve used a MacBook Pro to type descriptions of listing in GS while I was stuck at some outside events that needed to be present, but I’d never use one for full time for GS. I’d never use one for editing photos in PhotoShop as it would be way to slow.

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