Can Buy It Now listings be revised in Garage Sale?

I’m not sure how to revise buy it now listings so that all the listings match. Please let me know.

Revise from top bar button ••• ?

Please see the help here:

The Help is also available in GarageSale’s Help menu.

Regards, Kristian

There is no option to revise the Fixed Price Buy It Now listings. Everything is greyed out on the template.

I don’t see a “listing” area in the menu. I also don’t see a toolbar that looks like that. I have Version 6.9.8 (634)


Lisa Kirkeberg
Cornbred Corals, Inc.

Ahhhh I see now… what about upgrading to 7?

It means that it is expired and not active. Please can you attach a screenshot?

It keeps freezing up now, so I can’t really do anything.

No, an icon with a dashed border indicates a “prepared” listing. Please see the icon legend in the HElp for all details.

@cornbred: You can’t revise a “prepared” listing (a listing that has not been started yet). Only running listings can be revised.

Regards, Kristian

You are true, I am sorry I misunderstood the meaning of “dashed”…

Do you get a crash report when it freezes?

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