Can do "Apply current changes from eBay..." in bulk. Seriously?

Can anyone explain to me why I cannot do “bulk” “Apply current changes from eBay…” action on all my listings? I can select all listings, click “Apply current changes from eBay…” but then I get a dialog where I have to click one-by-one on each listing and select what do I want to apply! All I want to do is to update prices as they are set on eBay, do you guys (I speak to the devs here) realize how long does it take to click through 500 listings? I just don’t get it. Why can’t I select all listings in this dialog, then select “Price” as what to apply, and then click Apply to all. Jeez.

I think it is much easier to make changes in GS and update Ebay to match rather than the other way around. When raising prices I use Apple script editor and then change ebay to match GS which is very fast.

I’m not arguing, but just need clarification, because this feels like a very different paradigm from the one I use. How are the prices on eBay different from the ones in GarageSale? I use GS to launch listings, and if I change the price I do it in GS and send the change to eBay. What is happening that they are different?

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Well, I just recently started to use GS, not sure if I’ll stick to it or move on. So far, I have a bunch of scripts that I wrote myself that use eBay API to adjust prices automatically based on sales and public interest. They check prices directly on eBay, and they go out of sync with GS. All I want it to have a simple one-click way to sync eBay back to GS, and I was amazed that there is none. Or better to say that I do not see any reason why GS can’t do it except not thought through UI/UX design. For a software that’s supposed to manage 1000s of listings, bulk operations are the must.


If its just the price that you want to match from eBay back to GS, you can do it with a super simple script. I use an external dynamic pricer, so I just run this script to update GS to match eBay prices. Hope it helps, Dave.

function run() {
    for (listing of selectedListings) {
         listing.buyItNowPrice = listing.currentBid;         
    consoleLog("done with BuyItNow to Current Bid script");
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Awesome, thanks! Which external dynamic pricer do you use BTW? Thanks!!!

Glad it helped. I use Price Spectre.

I thought Price Spectre is dead and decommissioned, I can not find anything about it on the web, the website is down, and the last mention is 5 year ago. Where did you get it, and how did you make it work? I’m super interested in trying it out if it’s still somehow available. Thanks!!!

Aahh, found it, ignore my last post :). It’s interesting, but it does not do what I need for price adjustments.

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