Can GS manage drafts from the Seller Hub?

Using GS 7.0.16.

I have about 20 items listed in my Seller Hub on ebay. Is there a way to import those into GS? “Import from My eBay” doesn’t show anything.

Alternately, is there a way to export a GS listing to HTML?

Hi sgodun,

GarageSale currently can’t import drafts from eBay. I am not sure if that’s supported by the eBay API at all.

Also, you can’t export to HTML, only to GarageSale’s own listing format.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks. I found the templates inside the application package (at Contents/Resources/DesignTemplates) so I’m able to extrapolate from there.

Just note that the design templates are meant to use from within GarageSale.
Please don’t use them to create items or websites outside eBay/GS.

Regards, Kristian

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