Can I export expired listings?

I’d like to export expired listings. If they didn’t sell on eBay, I’d like to try the listings on an alternative site but without having to relist everything again, one by one.

The idea would be to export to a csv file or alternative (including the image, if possible) and then importing to a different application.

Can this be done?

I’ve searched the Help files but can only find info on exporting to the gslisting format…


Hi Nick,

sorry, the short answer is: This can’t be done.

Understood, thanks.

I know GarageSale is a dedicated eBay programme but it might be worth considering as a feature for the future. eBay sellers are increasingly experimenting with alternative online sites and the ability to list once on GarageSale but then sell on multiple platforms (by downloading and then uploading the data) would be a real benefit.

Of course I’ve no idea how complicated it would be to tweak GarageSale to accommodate this but it would be a killer add-on…

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