Can I include the photos with my template backups?

Hi, I need to export all of my GS templates to transfer and work on with my other computer. It is not including the photos, just the text and other info. Is there a way to make sure the photos are included?? I tried preferences, etc but am at a loss. Any help appreciated, thanks!


which version of GarageSale do you use (GS6 or GS7)? In general, when exporting listings (or templates in GS6) the images should always be included.

I assume that you do not use URL images?


I am using Version 6.9.7 (625)
I was messing around with some settings and I feel like I lost a lot of the pictures from the listings I had saved. I did a manual backup of all of my postings in October by transferring my live eBay listings into GS. Is it possible that the pics did not get transferred on some of them?

Can you send as such an exported listing, which should have a listing, but doesn’t have one, for investigation. Maybe the images are contained in the exported file, but fail to import for some reason we can fix.

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