Can not create local pickup option in GarageSale 8.3.6 (1292)

Using GarageSale 8.3.6 (1292)

Can not create a local pickup only listing HELP! . Error message says because it can not request immediate payment.

I need no returns & pay with cash.

I am using shipping profile that are set on Ebay. do i have to create a special one/

Without knowing your exact settings I am guessing that you need to

  1. Create a shipping profile that contains your desired shipping settings
  2. create a payment profile where you don’t have the “immediate payment” option activated.

You can create/edit profiles on the eBay website.
Once you’ve created them you need to download them in GarageSale.

Please see the GarageSale help here for all details:

Regards, Kristian

What category (and ebay site) are you listing on? Maybe eBay removed the ‘immediate payment’ feature from the category?

The issue could also have come from eBay’s switch to managed payments.

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