Can private comments be synced with eBay listing notes?

Resurrecting a topic that I brought up about a month ago. I actively use eBay’s listing notes. This is basically the same as GS private comments field. Why can’t GS sync them together? I use it extensively on eBay to track price changes, relists and SKU’s. After switching to GS I still have lots of data there and still use it. It would be great if I could automate the notes using GS and scripts. If you don’t know what’s eBay notes (apparently not everyone aware of this feature), this is this small item in drop down list in your selling list:

I can imagine a certain part of our user base would be pretty upset if GarageSale would suddenly upload their private notes to eBay. :wink:

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Fair point :). But in defense of this suggestion, I can point out that eBay’s version of listing notes are also seller private and not visible to buyers. In theory, this can be implemented as (#1) optional feature (sync notes checkbox in config) or (#2) added as additional eBay notes text field. I think #1 would be cleaner.

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I agree, an additional preference (unchecked by default) would be best.

On the other hand, the API does not allow setting the seller notes field when listing items anymore.

Item.PrivateNotes (doc change): PrivateNotes is no longer supported for the AddItem call.

The private notes filed probably moved to another API call, which makes things slightly less convenient for us.

Hmm, not nice from eBay side to creep out APIs like this, they suppose to be backward compatible or maintain stable major version of API. Do they support it for edit item API calls? Maybe the workflow is that first you have to create a new listing and only then you can add/edit private notes. At least this is how it works on eBay website itself, there is no way to add private notes at the point of creating a new listing.

Yes, it seems we have to make an additional API call for uploading/changing item notes.

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