Can the markdown editor font size be changed?

We’re more often using the Very Large iMac when editing listings, and the standard GS font in the editor is often too small to proofread. Is there a preference anywhere to increase the font size?

Obviously I mean in the text editor, not in the generated HTML code itself.

You’re referring to the Editor mode with “Convert styled text to HTML” selected, right?
If you increase the font size there this will be reflected in the actual listing (in Preview mode) so I guess your request would require some kind of zoom option (75%, 100%, 150%, 200%,…).

Regards, Kristian


clarifying: We only ever work in Editor Mode (the pencil tab). We only ever write Markdown.

I need a way of increasing the font size in the Markdown Editor view.

Setting an editor-specific font/size would be easiest. As far as I can tell, it’s System default. There is AFAIK no way to change the default font size in Mojave for this app.

this is a screen cap of the whole GS app window in the mode we use

On the iMac, this window is tiny, and there is no way to increase the font size in the Editor Pane. In or other text editors on this computer, we need to use 18pt-36pt font sizes for standard programming work.

This font size is not accessible.

updated: the screen I’m talking about is a 5k screen, so you can imagine this tiny 2000-px wide window disappears

Is there even a way to change the system font size system-wide? This is much too small to read Markdown code in a proportional font.

We’ll see what we can do. I can’t promise anything but there might be a new function for adjusting the code editor available in the next major version of GarageSale.

For now maybe the powerful zoom function in the System Preferences > Accessibility helps a bit?

Regards, Kristian

The current GS 8 beta has such a feature. I sent you an invitation for the GS 8 forum.

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