Can we please have some mobile templates?

over 40% of my listings were sold via mobile last month … i’m sure you guys are workign on this but can you please update your templates to include at least a couple mobile ready ones? ones that resize photos and are responsive

in meantime can you please post a link here to download instructions on developing our own? i just need a blank template that pulls in the images and a little css that does the 100% image width scale

Hi golfside,

Thank you for your feedback.
You can create your own listing designs for GarageSale but you need HTML skills to do that. Please see the help here:

Maybe it’s easier for you to take one of the simpler listing designs and choose a simple layout, e.g. “image down”. The GarageSale listing designs are not really “responsive” but in general most of them work fine on mobile devices.

By the way: Do you know how many of your 40% are actually using a mobile phone with a small screen, e.g. iPhone? An iPad with a larger screen is a mobile device as well, that’s why I am asking.

Regards, Kristian