"cancel closing" does not actually cancel

it is some months I have been experiencing a strange behavior of the option which prevent GS from closing after clicking over the red button, but I was not sure about it until a few minutes ago. If you close and then cancel, GS remains opened, but… when all activities in background end, GS closes! It’s like the cancel button postpone the shutdown until activities end. If you press cancel and continue working, GS cannot close because there are always some activities, but if you click over cancel and then wait, when you end eating and return in front of the monitor, you will find GS closed (and it is not crashed). Let’s try and you will see…

Not sure I get this. Could you please record a screen video to show.

This also happened to me yesterday. I tried to cancel the shutdown of GS and it shut down anyway after GS was done with the “active operations have finished” window.

Yes! That’s exactly the problem. @ilja it’s almost impossible to recorder, it has been months I am trying to follow this bug, but I am never so patient because you have to do nothing and wait GS ends all activities (which might require hours). Did you understand now the matter?

OH, That’s it! Yep! Clicking the Cancel button in the Quit Now dialog DOES NOT “abort/cancel” the Quitting Process… It just postpones Quitting the application… It should STOP the Quitting state.

Also, maybe add the “progress thermometer” from the Activity Viewer window to the Quit Now dialog??

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Okay. I get it now. The “Cancel” button in the “Wait on Quit” panel should be fixed in this release:


That has fixed the cancel feature. Thanks

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Yep! This has been Fixed in GarageSale Version 7.0.14b5 (834).

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