Cancelling/stopping a search spinning beachball

How should I “properly” cancel/stop a listing Search when the spinning beachball happens???

I frequently click search box and start typing but the search starts after I have only typed one (1) character and then I get the spinning beachball for MANY seconds, sometimes minutes, and at this point I do a Force Quit of the GS app, when I get tired of waiting.

Is there a “better” way to stop the search??? Command-Period does not work and does nothing.

Or… previous older versions of GS did not start the search until you typed at least 4 characters…


That’s odd. Searching for me starts at the first character, but GarageSale stays responsive and I can continue typing my complete search term.

Could you send a Sample of when you get the beachball during search. Also, can you send a screenshot of the search popup. Maybe the beachball is triggered by a certain combination of search options.

Here ya go…
GarageSale Sample and (766.6 KB)

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 11.58.31 AM

The search DID eventually finish returning 2494 items, after about 2+ minutes.

Here is a screenshot of the results.

Here is a movie also.

Easily reproducible.


I normally cut and paste a full title so GS starts with a complete title and narrows down fast to the listing I am looking for. Might be a help for you?

Yes, I normally do this also.
But… Not always… And I’m a ssslllooowww one-finger hunt-and-peck typer… :wink:

Yea, the whole title is usually pretty fast… a couple to a few seconds… probably since I have over 160,000 listing records…


Beta 12 should address this.

The less words and vague the search word options seems to also open the door too many multiple ghosts in the system. They exist in no folders or smart groups but show themselves when a simple one word search is implemented. It is then also impossible to determine which are fake or ghosts without adding more words from the listings that I know are good and viable listings and letting the search continue


Searches (even with only 1 letter) are now nearly INSTANTANEOUS!!!

And command-period will now stop a complex search.


:flushed: :star_struck:


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Limiting searches to titles only dramatically improves the speed of searches. I can type 2x faster than you, I use 2 fingers and sometimes don’t look at the keyboard.

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I’m was quite surprised by the difference as well. The code change was quite small. Checking for each found listing if it’s contained in the array of trashed listing, vs. putting the trashed items into a ‘hash map’ before searching.

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Good idea. I try to copy/paste but when not possible I will use this idea.

The new beta 12 is super fast

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