Cannot buy licence to upgrade from v6.9.8 to v8

Hi - I have v6.9.8 installed on my computer and downloaded v8 from your site; my v6 was originally bought via the Mac App Store (I do have the receipt); when I try to buy the licence from within v8 it says that it didn’t any older licences. I have the option of manually entering the old licence codes but the Mac App Store version doesn’t have a licence code.

How can I buy the upgrade?


To get an upgrade license for the new GarageSale 8 a license for a previous version is required. You can’t upgrade from a version from the Mac App Store.

If you subscribe to the new GarageSale Pro service straight ahead you don’t need to purchase an upgrade license at all. More about the new price options in GarageSale 8:

Regards, Kristian

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