Cannot list Apple iPhone: “must select from ebay catalog”

Running: 7.0.16 (841)

Exact same issue as this user: Cannot list Apple iPhone: "must select from ebay catalog"

Since the thread is auto-closed just start a new one and reference the old one.

Restarted garagesale, removed/updated categories. Tried selecting different products from the catalog. Can’t list iphone despite selecting/reselecting appropriate product from the ebay catalog.

The error message is about having to select a product from ebay catalog when listing Apple products in mobile phone category. (garagesale doesn’t allow selecting/copying text out of this dialog for some reason).

Adding a barcode seems to bypass the error…but obviously that is different than the error message. Maybe nothing garagesale can do about this since the error comes from ebay…but part of the USP of garagesale is improved usability over ebay’s system…so maybe a hint can be associated with the specific error code or something.

In the upcoming version 7.0.17 of GarageSale there’s a workaround for this issue included.
You can already download the beta version here:

Regards, Kristian

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