Cannot make any USA listings

Hi, having a big issue with Garagesale at the moment. Has been fine for the last few months then today I can’t create an USA listings, it just shows me the ‘Generating Preview’ window and never progresses.

It downloads the categories for every single other country, but will not do so for USA and has only started today. Have tried the following:

  • Refreshed Access Tokens
  • Refreshed/Updated Account Details
  • Revoked Garagesale access/permissions within eBay and reauthorised
  • Removed Garagesale Keychain Access records
  • Removed Garagesale database and files
  • Removed and reinstalled Garagesale

I don’t know what else to do and this is driving me insane. The bulk of my sales comes from my eBay USA listings and it just will not download the categories anymore.

You are using the latest version GarageSale 9.4.1?

Did you recently upgrade from GarageSale 8?

What macOS are you using?

Maybe there is an issue with the category data for eBay USA on your Mac but it is just a guess. It is worth a try to renew this data. This is how:

  1. In GarageSale, choose “Help” menu > “Open Library Folder”

  2. With that library folder open, quit GarageSale

  3. There you should find a folder called “Category Data”. Put it into the trash.

  4. If done, open GarageSale again. Give it a moment to download the latest category data from eBay. Hopefully it is working now.

  5. Check/Reselect the category in your listing afterwards.

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