Cannot remove photos from duplicate listing

I create duplicate listings to list similar products. In 9.3 I cannot remove the existing photos to replace with new ones. Also if I duplicate a BuyItNow listing I cannot change the listing to include an auction option. This is a bad update and needs work! I’m going back to eBay!

I am running 9.3. Every method I tried to duplicate a listing I have been able to delete photos easily and with no problems. What method are you using to duplicate?

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with version 9.3. Can you describe the issues you have more specific?

Maybe this already helps:

  1. There are several ways to delete images. You can use the context menu, you can use the “-” button …or you select “Remove All Images” from the “Listing” menu.

  2. To add the auction format you just add the “Starting bid” option. You can do this directly in Preview mode or via the Inspector:


Does this work for you?

Likewise. I am not seeing this problem either.

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