Cannot select Best Offer

I have a new problem in that I am unable to select Best Offer on the latest listings that I have created. It is a faint blue and I cannot make it active. I am also still having an old problem with Best Offer not coming up on relisted items. I wonder if they may be related.
Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 10.29.27 AM

Not every category supports Best Offer.
Update the eBay category data, re-select the category and then check whether it supports Best Offer.

Updating the categories fixed the problem. Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for your quick reply. It is in a supported category as the eBay Dashboard let me add Best Offer to it. However, I tried updating the categories in GS as you suggested and that worked to make the Enable icon active. Thank you again.

Carlos Lacerda

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