Cannot specify FTP server port within GS

I want to use SFTP via SSH with GS, but i cannot enter the port number anywhere in GS so connecting fails.

Also consider not graying out the “Cancel” button, it sucks having to wait for the connection attemp to time out until i can continue using GS.

Hi roiplek,

Sorry, GarageSale does not support SFTP if I am not mistaken.

Is maybe the GarageSale’s image service an option for you? It hosts your images using the secure “https” protocol.

Regards, Kristian

I might consider signing up for image hosting if you iron out these annoying little bugs i have been experiencing and posting about here.

I am all about supporting software development, but the current state of GS is, quite frankly, a bit embarassing in my opinion.

Especially the inconsistent behaviour of the Enter key when renaming items, it is beyond me how this can escape software testing for so long. It has been a problem for years.

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