Cannot update year plan, payment declined

today the automatic payment was declined by the bank. I tried to manually renew the year plan, but a red warning says “A subscription already exists for this account” and I cannot proceed with payment. Then I tried to renew for one month and it seems to work, but I need one year plan so I didn’t the checkout. I need to fix it immediately because I have auction planned to start this evening at 9.00 pm. Please help !

You better contact the GarageSale support directly whenever you receive a “Payment Failed” mail from us.

As far as I can see the payment failed because your default credit card has expired in January.
Subscribing again was not a good idea because you now have 2 active subscriptions.
The payment of your “new” monthly subscription is marked as “incomplete” here, too. That most likely has to do with the expired credit card also.

May I suggest that I cancel your “new” monthly subscription for you and then send you a link to a payment form where you can make the payment for your original yearly subscription using a new credit card? Please contact me through GarageSale support so I can send you the link there. (I don’t want to make this link public here)

Hi @kristian ,
thank you for your help. Let me know if you received my email, I just sent it. I will pay immediately because I need GS working this evening.

Thank you

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