Can't add eBay account to GS prefs

When adding my eBay account login to GS and it got stuck on the 2 step. The verification was never sent so the message that a code was sent stays on screen spinning but doesn’t get to the 6 character input screen.

Unfortunately the problem still occurs when I disabled 2 step verification.
I tested logging into eBay on phone and browsers with and without 2 step enabled with no problems.
I did find a keychain error within GS but allowing keychain to store the login via browser didn’t help.

The only place it fails is within the GS login page to add my account to GS.

Any thoughts?

OS Monterey 12.1 / M1

My default browser is Firefox, this may have added to the problem. Is it possible that GS requires a previous login via Safari?

  1. disabled 2 step
  2. opened Safari and logged in to eBay
  3. opened GS and added the account
  4. re-enabled 2 step


Opened GS this morning and found an API error with the account info. It turns out that Firefox, or the security setting within FF, or a security add-on within FF may be the cause.

I changed the default browser to Safari so that the API opens Safari (I’m guessing) and deleted the account and re-added the same account. Seems to be working now. It looks like I will need to keep the OS browser default pointed to Safari to assist in the login issues.

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