Can't add new PP profile/refund profile/shipping profile to new ebay ID

I just added a new ebay id to my app and it won’t let me add any new profiles to it.

I’ve tried everything and nothing works, why can’t you just easily edit the profiles?
This is madness

Hi Femi. Are you sure that is the problem. It is not always the top Problem that is the cause. I cannot see the bottom “red” problem but it may be the real issue. Also as item 3 says, fixed price listings now have to be GTC.

@foladinni profiles are editable only in ebay site here: . You can opt also if you are not a business seller. Then open GS and update profiles (bottom line of pop-up windows of profiles)

It is hidden, see the very bottom line of launch control, a red button is showed, but cannot understand what says (… weight is not valid or missing)

I can just see on the RHS that the duration is set to 30 days. This is no longer allowed for fixed price listings. May I suggest that you change it to GTC and try again?


Hi foladinni,

I already replied to your mail in the support channel.
Even if you have a shipping profile selected it might be possible to add package info in the shipping options.
Does this answer your question?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks everyone, works like a charm.

The issue i believe was the opt out.

thanks again