Can't adjust variations because of "mismatch"

Create four variations of a product in inventory, create a new listing, add those four inventory items as variations, and start the listing. Life is good. Someone buys all the items of one particular variation; now instead of inventory for four variations you have inventory for three. My GarageSale inventory and my eBay listing both correctly show my inventory for that variation as “0”.

Now I think to myself, “It’s dumb to have a variation where I don’t have any more inventory, and won’t have any more inventory for that variation, so I should remove that variation.”

I go into my GarageSale listing -> Advanced -> Variations and remove that variation for which I have zero inventory. I revise the listing to show the change and…nope. Can’t do it. There’s a “variation mismatch”.

I go into my listing on eBay proper and, yeah, I can delete the variation from there. No complaints from eBay. So if eBay doesn’t have a problem with updating my listing via deleting the variation, why does GarageSale?

Removing a variation in GarageSale should be easy to do. According to the GarageSale help you need to select “Delete variation during the next revise”.

Maybe you didn’t select that checkbox but deleted the variation immediately which now confuses eBay?

Regards, Kristian

That is indeed the issue. How weird is that: You can make pretty much any change you want to a listing – delete a picture, delete text, delete item specifics, etc – but deleting a variation requires an EXTRA step of enabling a checkbox. Why?

Actually, I amend my previous statement. It doesn’t require an EXTRA step, it’s just broken.

The simple/obvious/easy way to address this issue: If I delete a variation in GarageSale and then revise the listing, it should delete the matching variation on ebay. Right? What could be more obvious?

The GarageSale way to address this issue: Select a variation, then click a checkbox that says “delete variation during the next revise”, then revise the listing. Check the listing and the variations are indeed gone. But then go back to GarageSale and those variations are still there! Okay, no biggie, I’ll just delete the variations from GarageSale because, after all, they’ve been deleted from the ebay listing, right? So I do that, revise the listing and…can’t adjust variations because of “mismatch”. WTF? I have three variations in my listing in GarageSale and on ebay so how is that a “mismatch”? Now it seems the only way to fix this is to cancel my original listing and make a new one.

This isn’t just a bug, this is broken.

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