Can't authorize

GS6 user finally upgrading to GS8. Can’t add a new account. Whenever I try i get the ebay home screen after “logging in” on the auth screen.

Sorry, it seems someone at eBay broke the Authorization flow for third party clients. We are reaching out to them. Hopefully eBay is able to sort this out soon.

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Same here… I tried yesterday, no luck…

Can we downgrade to an older version so we can get back to work. I just paid to upgrade to non functional software. Pretty frustrating.

If you had GarageSale 7 previously authorized on your Mac, and your access token is still in your Mac’s keychain, it might still work. Here is the download link:

Tell us about it. With the eBay authorisation flow broken, we don’t get new users, and therefore no sales. :frowning:

We are hoping that someone at eBay will look at this soon.

Good news. We found a workaround (without eBay’s help).

GarageSale 8.0.6, out shortly, will restore the sign-up flow.

For GS7 owners who do not wish to upgrade to 8, what workaround will we be able to use? Thanks.

A GarageSale 7 update addressing this issue is being build as I’m writing these lines.

Great! Thanks for dealing with a surprise difficulty so quickly!

In case you missed it:

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