Cant Bulk change return policies

I started getting all yellow flags on my listings because of some return policy issue. If i select all my listings and try and change the return policy I get a warring in GS. “DIFFERENT SETTING FOR EBAY PROFILES - Editing multiple listings that use and use not business profiles is not supported” Ive only ever had one profile. I have a little over 3000 auction templates. ow can I remedy this so I dont have to change the return policy individually?

It depends if you set the return policy in GS or if you used the eBay return profile. They are two different things, one settable in GS and the other only in eBay, don’t both…

Yes, that was as I expected. For some listings you used eBay business profiles, for other you did not. Concerning the possibility to filter those listings with ebay profiles and those without, it would be useful an option in smart folder as I suggested in many other thread… for now you should fix your matter so:

  • go to eBay
  • click on top left corner avatar of your account
  • in the new page, move mouse over the tab “account” but DON’T click
  • a scroll window will appear, select “business profiles”
  • filter business profiles for shipping/return/payment and bulk modify. If you use many different profiles, it will be a long evening!

Otherwise you should look for those listings in GS and do a bulk editing directly into GS, but without a smart folder option like that I suggested above, if you have many listings and many listings into a folder with many different profiles, it will be a very long evening!!

It might be more beneficial to understand why you are receiving these warnings from eBay, instead of trying to figure which listings use profiles, and which don’t.

I’m going to send you instructions on how to turn on logging, so we can ask eBay dev support and what’s going on here.

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