Can't Import From Ebay Because Library is Too Old

A cleaning program went wild and uninstalled GS9. I had about 600 active listings and another 1000 that were inactive but I was currently creating new events to get them listed. I reinstalled GS9 but the error message says I cannot because my library is too old. I need to update GS7 and migrate to GS8. As of today, I can’t find a way to do this. I guess I lost all of it then? Searching through the forum, I found a discussion that stated where the library is kept. I went there but now I am in an area that is over my head and I couldn’t do anything with that suggestion. Is it possible to locate all my old listings in a folder buried my computer? The only other option I find myself in is to start with an empty inventory and import what I have on eBay and redo the thousand other listings. Does anyone have any ideas?

I tried moving the com.iwascoding… folder from a backup but I still get the same error message about the library format being too old. Should I try deleting that folder on my computer and put the same folder from a backup on in that spot? I’m afraid I’ll just get the same error.

Is is possible to install GS7 from somewhere? That way I can migrate like the error message wants me to do.

I’ve restored backups from last month of GS and the com.iwascodinggaragesale7 folder from my back up drive and I still get the same error message about the format being to old.

Can I install the new GS with empty library and somehow import it? If I simply import from eBay, I will lose about 1000 listings that were created but not live at the time. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

I just answered to your mail support request.

If you actually have a recent backup, it should be possible to transfer it to your Mac.
Please see FAQ #30 (and #29) for some instructions:

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