Can't list Adult DVDs with GS 7.0.21

I’m getting the "The item cannot be listed or modified.” error when trying to list adult dvds using GS 7.0.21.

Something old in the user forum suggested it’s an API issue. Ebay denies it is an issue on their side and says that GS knows how to fix it…


I think you will need to update to GS 8.

“The item cannot be listed or modified” is eBay’s infamous error #240.
Error #240 is returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).

We created a special help page that list all facts we know about this error:

However, it might be that you can’t list adult items using GarageSale. This might be a restriction by eBay.

Regards, Kristian

I don’t think GarageSale 7 or 8 are different in this regard.

Are you trying to start a fixed price listing or a regular auction?

GS 7 and regular auction…

Does go through if you try to sell it as a fixed price item?

I get the same error using the fixed price method.

Was the content of the adult items possibly covered by the recently-announced changes in “Offensive Materials” rules?

No, it is a very simple auction.

I suggest you send us the listing in question to, so we can follow up with eBay dev support what’s going on.

I was able to upload the auction into the NON-Adult DVD category as auction #133446126262. But please do not show this to Ebay as they will take it down. I did not upload it with Garagesale

Check your shipping - if any of these options are there, Ebay will probably kick back an ADULTS ONLY listing - Canada may get through.

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