Can't preview any of my listings

for some reason the preview is not working on any of my listings. I’ve been using Beta for a while without any problems, this is a new issue just these last few days.
I updated to the newest and also reinstalled GS but still can’t view any previews.


Sorry also it says variations Not Supported even though this listing had variations before.

Hi Matt,

are you referring to a beta version of GarageSale 7? If so, please download the latest final version of GarageSale 7 from the website:

If you still have issues with the preview, please give this a try:
• Refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts
• Update categories manually (sprocket icon in the category browser)

Regards, Kristian

Yes it is Beta. I’ve updated to the newest version and refreshed the token.
When I try to open the categories it just says downloading categories but doesn’t actually do anything. So I can’t click on the sprocket.


Actually I just tried to start a new listing and when I click on categories it just shows as loading but doesn’t.

My guess is that your eBay token in GarageSale is present, but has expired.

Did you try refreshing your token from Preferences > Accounts?

I hadn’t shit down my computer for a while and a restart seems to have done the trick.
Sorry to have wasted your time

No need to be sorry. It’s probably still a bug on our end. Sooner or later we’ll catch this one, to. :slight_smile: