Can't Refresh Token Following 9.3 Install

Having a specific problem trying to refresh the token following successful installation of GS 9.3.I (whilst running on Mac 10.12.6 and using Chrome browser for My eBay.)

During the GS refresh token process, I can partially sign-in to eBay through that special token window, but the buttons for “Text” or “Email” verification don’t work, like they are dead or something.

I tried to go into Two Factor Authentication in My Ebay settings, but it won’t allow me to disable 2FA. Nor will it allow me to switch to “eBay App” since I don’t run any eBay smartphone app.

How can I complete the Refresh Token process in this situation?

It might be that your macOS system is too old, unfortunately. Is there any way you can upgrade to a newer macOS system?

If not, can you check if you have any extensions/plugins installed in Safari or maybe you have disabled “Javascript”?

Temporarily disabling the 2FA might help also (if still possible at all) as you already tried. I found this instruction how to disable 2FA (but it might be out-dated):

Sign in to Ebay in Safari.
Go to Account > Sign-in and security > 2-step verification > Edit > Use Text
You will be send a code via text, enter it when asked.
Then you will be asked to Verify your email address.
Click Send Code.
You will be send a code via email, so go to your email to get the code and enter it when asked.
You should then see a Deactivate button.
If not, go to: account > Sign-in and security > 2-step verification > Edit
Then the Deactivate button should be visible.

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