Can't relist an items, garagesale bitching about photos with no edge over 500 pixels

Auction ended no bids, opened template, lowered starting bid, clicked start auction, now it’s saying that ebay may possibly delete the auction as the working photos before now are or have one that doesn’t meet ebay size requirements.

I have them set to be stored on free GS server, but the gallery one is uploaded to ebay? If I try to go directly through ebays website, it says I need more to add photos from different angles(a couple more photos) and the one that is there isn’t 500 pixels on the longest size.

Maybe I should have read the book…I drop the photos into the template list the auction and delete the originals. Does GS database not store photos for templates for revising or relisting? Several I’ve been moving from a new photo folder to one called listed, as I can’t trust this program after the first listing.

Also, when I drop 4 photos on the drop here drop zone the 2nd photo always import sideways and when you try to rotate it 90 degrees which ever direction to correct it it sometimes does nothing or goes the opposite way?

GarageSale copies images to it’s own library on import.

There’s probably a problem with the orientation flag in that image, especially with images directly imported from cameras. Can you share that particular image? Or are you saying that the bug is picture independent and always happen for image #2, no matter what file it is?

I’m just dragging and dropping images from a folder, you can see how they are all vertical except for the last one that I dragged in, the first picture of the pants upright turn counter clockwise, the second photo turns clockwise, etc. when I right click on them to turn them it takes clicking twice to make it rotate 90 degrees and sometimes it goes the wrong way? Usually it’s only the 2nd photo, I take 4, so I highlight and drag all 4 at once. You can see from the added photos the only one imported correctly was #4

The other issue is almost every auction I try to list from a template complains about 500 pixels on the long side. I’m just relisting the original auction, when I try to relist from ebay it says the same thing and then suggests I use more than 1 photo as I’m hosting them on the GS server. I’ve been recovering them from my Google Drive where I’ve deleted them from my phone and the mac, if I try to right click and save the images from ebay and increase the height they pixelate being stretched in both directions in photoshop.

Can you zip the images from the screenshot and post them here so we can investigate what’s going on?

Here’s an image of the other error, this is an unsold auction, I click Start Auction without changing anything and receive this. 1 in 5 recently go through without having to remove all the photos and dig up originals or retake them.

Oh, I’m the one stuck on GS 6.8, if this is a bug that’s fixed in new revs or 7, I’m not going to spend a grand for a machine for a $40 program. I’ve got to many Windows machines running in the house to justify that…

Will there be an eBay error when you click the “List anyway” button shown in the screenshot?

The first picture is the error from GS, this is from an auction that didn’t sell, trying to relist through the app, the second photo is trying to list it again through the ebay website. This happens 4 or 5 out of 6 times. Maybe this public forum isn’t the place to work out old bugs, what’s your return policy? I’m waisting more time working through the quirks than listing.