Can't switch from Auction to Buy in now format while working from a template

I’m trying to start an auction from a template I created, but every time I try to start it I get an error message stating that I need to switch from good till canceled or remove starting auction price. I looked all over trying to find where I can remove the 1 dollar starting bid that was already there when I started the template but Nada. Its very difficult navigating thru these menus. I hope that in time this app will become second nature.

Any help would be deeply appreciated!


Hi Rich,

could it be that you didn’t open the Inspector window so far? All settings are located there including the fields for the starting bid and buy it now price (fixed price).

You might want to watch the “Getting Started” video tutorial:

Regards, Kristian

Yes I did go thru there to edit my listing details. The starting auction price was checked for one buck and wasn’t highlighted for me to unchecked it. It only gave me the option to start the auction for a dollar and It wouldn’t let me change that either. I looked everywhere, read the limited help files, looked at the getting started video and even Checked on YouTube. Seems like a glitch. I used one of the pro listing templates for that listing. I ended up having to start another one from scratch which is very time consuming. It seems like the support for this app is non existing. Before purchasing the application I read that I can use it on a trial basis but didn’t see the demo option. I would really like to get my money back for this app. Maybe if u guys provide phone support it would be better because having to wait a day on a forum reply blows. And yes I did send an email the support team yesterday and I’m still waiting on a reply. I purchased this app to be more efficient at listing items on eBay and so far it has the opposite effect.

I’m using Mac Yosemite 10.10.2

Hi Rich,

I am sorry to hear that you’re not happy with GarageSale.
The demo version can be downloaded from the GarageSale website:
(Apple does not offer demo versions in their Mac App Store.)

If you make use of the variations feature you define the prices in the variations panel - not in the Inspector>Options. That’s why it’s turned-off in the Inspector.

Regards, Kristian

Then it should have let me start the auction then. Because that’s how I did it. I inserted all the info correctly thru the variations option. The program itself is to blame. It’s seems to be poorly made and not user friendly at all. Can I get a refund for this since I only purchased it a few days ago? Also why can’t I link specific pictures to each variation like color? I can do it thru the eBay.

I just took a look at mine…are you saying you are trying to add a GTC listing with a BIN price? when you have the inspector box open, try this: put your BIN price in first and make sure the BIN box is checked. THEN it will let you uncheck the auction $1 starting box. If you are just trying to change your auction start price just make sure the BIN box is NOT checked & your listing time is not GTC and you should be able to then check the auction price.

It doesn’t let me click on any of the options. I can’t change any price wether its an auction start price of the BIN price. This is pretty frustrating.

You cannot change the BIN price or starting bid in the main inspector for variation listings. If you are using variations, your action will be in BIN format. Prices are determined by what you put into the variation panel.

I understand this but the problem is that it won’t let me start the auction or remove the 1 dollar auction starting price. Please look at the pics below and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I’m trying to remove the starting bid so that it’s a BIN auction but the program won’t let me. Only option is redo the entire action from scratch which is totally bogus.

Also, can someone help me with adding pictures to specific variations on this program. It’s something u can do thru the eBay website. I want to be able to have the pictures pop up when u choose the color variation on the listing.

Sorry, for the confusion. Seems you are running into a bug in GarageSale that prevents you to list variation listing as GTC items.

Here is a version that fixes this problem. If you are using a version of GarageSale downloaded from a website (and not from the Mac App Store), you can download it and use it until an official update is released:

To add images to a specific variation, you need to create an inventory item in GarageSale, that shares the SKU with your specific variation. You can then add images to that inventory item in GarageSale’s inventory window.

The version I’m using is the version download from the Apple App store.

Ok so I downloaded the program from that link but now I’m getting another error. This is really annoying.

Please note that this error/warning is returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).
It seems that you have selected “use rate table” in the “Sales Tax” settings in the Inspector>Advanced. You should unselect it if you haven’t created a rate table on the “My eBay” website that you can use.

Regards, Kristian

Sorry but all ur advice is not working. I already have the sales tax set to none

Also I’m still having the same problem as before when choosing good till canceled in duration

I can’t believe that this is taking days to resolve. I’m better off just using Ebay’s website tool with all this lost time spent here. SMH