Can't upload some listings because photo is "too small"

Beta 33. The first time I had this problem, the photo was from my iphone and was definitely much larger than the minimum size. Second listing was from my standard photo library from my Digital SLR. Both generate the same message. I was able to get past one of them by deleting all photos a couple of times and trying again. I did the gallery image designation but absolutely refuse to do the big picture thing that costs $1 extra!

BTW I love V7 and would not want to go back to V6 - gotta make this work. I did not have this problem with photos until beta 33 although i may have missed a couple of interim betas.


What image server are you uploading to? What do you have selected as image size in the preferences?

Can you export your listing, zip it and post it here (or send it to us)?

I’m just using ebay images and didn’t see where i could specify a size. I have over 100 listings and just started getting this problem yesterday. I’ll see if I can figure out how to export the listing to send.

i did not know how to upload here so I zipped and emailed to

Hope it gets to you.



Just wanted to update you. I downloaded build 34 - same issue. So, I took all new pictures with my DSLR and all uploaded with no issues. I suspect some confusion with the iphone photos and the fact that they have a miniature copy. I checked the size of the ones I was using and they were full size, but…