Can't use GarageSale 7 or upgrade due to invalid licences


I had GarageSale 6 and due to eBay’s new rules had to upgrade to GS7 but had to pay the full price to get it because my GS6 licence wasn’t recogniised. Before buying GS7 I decided to try the demo version but when I tried to download an item to eBay today I discovered I was still on the demo version and again, when I tried to put in the new licence number I got a message stating it is invalid.

I have been sending messages backwards and forwards to the support team because I’m also due a refund for having to pay the full price for the GS7 licence but none of the suggestions work probably because the licence isn’t recognised. I’m going crazy. I don’t understand how neither of my licences is recognised.

I have already lost months of listings on GS6 because I wasn’t informed it was incompatible with my old Mac but it still went ahead and did something when I tried. I have now had to buy a new Mac as well and desperately need to start selling asap but I’m stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated especially in simple language for dummies!

Hi Anne,

I didn’t make it to reply to your follow up mails so far because I was sleeping this night. I am not located in the US but in Europe, Germany.

What you don’t mentioned here is that you tried to get the GS7 upgrade license after you already purchased the GS7 full license. Therefore I gave you instructions how to do this, e.g. deleting your current license so you’re able to purchase the upgrade license.

You can’t enter your GS6 license in GarageSale 7. Instead, as I already described in an earlier mail, you have to click on “Enter Previous License” and enter your GarageSale 6 license there first. You should then get the upgrade option.
If this still doesn’t work, please let me know.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

I am in the UK, not in the US so that’s fine.

Let’s start again and forget the refund and upgrade.

I tried the demo version of GS7 to see if I liked it and from the demo
version, I went ahead and bought the licence and a message came up that all
restrictions had been removed but when I tried to list an item yesterday
another message came up informing me that I was still using the demo
version and could only list 3 items!

I have paid for and got confirmation that I have the GS7 licence so why am
I still on the demo version of GS7?

I noticed that the code where the licence should go on the version of GS7
that I am using (the demo version) is different to the licence code I was
my new GS7 licence code where it says “Enter Licence” to see if it would
make a difference but a message came up that my new licence was invalid so
I am still on the demo version.

I really need this sorted.


Hi Anne,

don’t worry, there’s everything fine with your GarageSale 7 license.
If you open GarageSale 7 and select “Enter License Code” from the “GarageSale” menu it should be no problem to enter your GarageSale 7 license. Please make sure you’re actually entering your GarageSale 7 license, not a license for an older version. (I just sent a mail with your GarageSale 7 license to the given email address.)

I am not sure I understood this correctly but if you’re referrring to the field where you enter your license code: That grey placeholder text might be an older license. However, please ignore that placeholder text and actually enter your current GarageSale 7 license code.

Didn’t you delete your GarageSale 7 license through Terminal? That would explain it. However, maybe you’re using macOS 10.13 High Sierra? It’s a known issue with High Sierra that apps “forget” their preferences sporadically. Could you please give the latest beta version of GarageSale 7.0.10 a try:

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for all your help and patience in sorting this for me. So far everything seems to be working fine - hurray!

It has been quite a saga much of which isn’t here as you know. I didn’t realise you would respond to me from here as well as on my email which did get me a bit confused at first.

Anyway, I really appreciate you spending so much time on this especially today as it has taken up quite a lot of your day. You are a star!

All the best

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