Categories Disappeared Again -- Only in GS, Not on eBay

Once again, a bunch of my listings have been changed to UNKNOWN in GarageSale7.

Both old (not sold) and current (still up right now) have as their category UNKNOWN)

They appear to have been from the COLLECTIBLES category – which is still existing on eBay but all subcategories are showing as blank.

This appears to be a GarageSale problem, as the ones online are still in their categories. The only changes have been made in GarageSale.

I have refreshed the access token. I have tried twice to force a category update from the sprocket button in the category selection panel.

But nothing works.

It seems to me that I have these category problems frequently and when others do not. Is that true? If so, what should I change?

Please advise.

Hi Michelle,

are you already using beta 2 of GarageSale 7.0.7?:

Regards, Kristian

I too am having the same problem with the collectibles category
When I get new categories some of them come back in full
and some don’t. It was fine two days ago but now I can only get some of the
categories I have got new categories at least ten times sometimes more come back than other times.
I am using a macbook pro and gs is 7.0.6 (791). We live in the country so
the internet is not the fastest but that has never been a problem before
Any help would be appreciated as I have spent many hours getting nowhere
Thank you

You need to manually download and install the 7.0.7 Beta 2 version from this post:

Thank you that fixed the problem
It was very frustrating to find the answer though
GS had said I was up to date

No. It wasn’t available to me as far as GS7 knew, until you posted the url here.

Am I missing something? I don’t seem to know when you guys update, and it ends up costing me time and money.

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