"Category not set"?

I just had a very strange experience with a user who wanted me to activate Make Offer on an item, which I was sure had it activated. In GarageSale, the option was grayed out.

Strangely, when I fiddled with the listing, it turned out that the GS primary category had become “Category Not Set” somehow, despite it being a running listing. Stranger yet, when I checked the now-cancelled listing, it was the correct category, which I had just manually re-set in my local listing, despite not having Make Offer activated.

I suppose it might have something to do with weird/subtle changes in eBay’s category tree? I don’t know, and it’s very rare obviously. I would imagine that any listing I tried to launch with “Category Not Set” would fail at validation.

But I wanted to ask for the ability to search (as in a Smart Folder) for “Category Not Set” status. I notice that I can do all kinds of numerical searches on eBay category number, but not for nil values.

Have you tried extracting the category from the listing via AppleScript or JavaScript?

As far as I recall, “Category not Set” is also shown in GarageSale, when there’s no category matching the listing’s current category id in GarageSale’s current category database.

So, this could also be a case of:

  • eBay exchanging category ids
  • a failed category data download

Yes, all true. And probably rare. But what I am asking for is a way to monitor in case it happens again. A Smart Group showing items where that condition is met would help me as a sort of passive monitoring.

later: and if you want a second use case, it might help somebody who has a lot of listings find where they accidentally moved a “stationery” listing with no category set in it.

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