Change "Buy it Now" price?

How can I change / update [reduce the $'s] of an existing “Buy it now” auction with Garage Sale?

The exact procedure depends on what version of GarageSale are you using, but the basic flow is like this:

  • make sure you have a listing in GarageSale that is linked to the running auction on eBay (this happens automatically when you launched the listing with GarageSale or used the “import from eBay” command to import it)
  • change the BIN price field
  • use the Revise command (GarageSale 6, for GarageSale 7 look into the Listing menu)

Thank you so much for your help!

It’s much easier when I know what I’m doing and being a novice with Garage Sale, I really appreciate you help.

It worked just as you instructed.

Tim Carr